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Wedding Cost

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How To Reduce Cost of Your Wedding

Your wedding can become the most expensive day of your life that you want to forget as soon as possible, or it can be the best and the most wonderful day of your life that you want to remember for the rest of your life. It all depends on how you approach financial planning.

In this article you’ll learn some great tips that will help you to slash the wedding cost.

In the western world, the trend that is in rise is that parents are no longer financing the weddings to the extent as they used to. This means that most young people wanting to get married find it more and more difficult to experience the wedding of their dreams.

The situation in the wedding industry is made worst by weak global financial climate and
therefore the demand for information on how to reduce the wedding cost has never been higher.

In the USA, the average cost of wedding is about $26,542. What’s important to note here is that this doesn’t include cost of honeymoon.

Where To Cut Costs

Probably the easiest place to look for cutting costs is flower arrangement. On average, flower arrangement can cost around $800+. You don’t have to freak out, I’m not telling you to cut flowers from your wedding all together, instead, I’m saying that there are great tips to cut cost or flower arrangement that you can follow. I other words you get the same “bang” for less.

Wedding Photos

Wedding photographers can become very expensive if you’re not careful. If you’re just thinking about having a small wedding then you may consider using amateur photographer. You see, we live in the age with incredible technological advancements. In other words, even small camera that you own can produce HQ pictures.

If you want to learn more then you should read this great article about how to save money on wedding photos.

Wedding Invitations, Announcements and Thank You Notes

Another area where you can cut costs significantly are wedding invitations, announcements and thank you notes. I highly recommend you to read article about how to arrange and how to address wedding invitations.

One of the easiest way on save money on invitations and thank you notes is to “employ” friend with decent hand-writing so this way you can save money on print.

Wedding Music
No wedding is complete without good music. You should be prepared to set aside at least $1000 for decent music. Learn more about how to arrange wedding music.

Venue for the Ceremony
Further expenses include the cost of the ceremony venue. This of course depends on where you’re planning to have your ceremony and it’s very difficult to give you estimate on this. The rehearsal dinner, which you must have, will be around $1000, so the reception cost can be anywhere in the region of $5000 to $8000.

Wedding Dress
If you want to cut costs of your wedding then you have to look some ways to save money on wedding dress.

You can expect the cost of wedding dress to be at least $1,000. Even if the groom settles for a rented tuxedo, it’ll still cost around $500.

So the total cost of wedding can be estimated to be around $20,000. Please note that the list of tips in this article is no way the full list of things that can be done to cut on the cost of your wedding.

Build Your Wedding online Business

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