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Assurance of safely giving birth at home

Assurance of safely giving birth at home

One of the things that women can choose when having a baby is how they will deliver the baby. What I meant with how they deliver is whether they deliver a baby in the hospital or at their own homes. Most women think that homebirth is not a safe method to give birth that is why they do not realize that they have a choice on how to deliver their babies.But there are of course critics who are wary of this method.  But with careful research they can see there is a lot of evidence to show that it is.

There are definitely critics who do not believe in the safety of a homebirth.  From my observations from my practice as aSan Diego midwife I have found it to be absolutely safe. From the 300 homebirths I have assisted in the dangers are just the same as if you were to deliver in a hospital.The risks is not minimized whether you give birth at a hospital or at your homes.  But it also doesn’t raise those risks either.
So what would be the main threat of undergoing a procedure like this?  Well for one people worry if some complications occur.  They say the people who administer the homebirth usually aren’t nurses.  Well as ahomebirth midwife in San Dieg we do know medical procedures.All the necessary equipments for the common complications of a chilbirth are always with us.A doctor is obviously needed whenever any serious complications arise from gving birth at home.  But that isn’t any different then in a hospital. 

Homebirths are only recommended for women who have pregnancies that are low in risk.If it is known that a woman has possible complications while giving birth then the midwife would not recommend this method if she is good.  This is standard procedure for allSan Diego licensed midwife.  Of course they will be limited in the medical procedures they can do.That the reason why they make sure that all high risk pregnancies be delivered in a hospital.

It will be very hard to convince those people who are not keen on undergoing this method.  But for those women who see this as an alternative they should understand it is safe.

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