Sunday, February 2, 2014

Obtain Cheaper Mobile Calls

Obtain Cheaper Mobile Calls

Are you becoming frustrated at how much are you being asked to pay when making a mobile phone call? Would you like to obtain a lower mobile phone bill each month for the same usage? Would you like to be able to use your mobile phone abroad without it costing you the earth? I am unsure as to how the readers of this article will have answered these questions; up until a few months ago I would have answered all of them in the positive. I have, however, now managed to obtain much cheaper mobile phone call rates after shopping around on the internet. It is now great to be able to make such cheap mobile calls and to achieve such a large business cost cutting.

Now I would like to make it clear that I am not attempting to sell you something here. I am by no way an expert in the field of offering cheaper communications; I am in fact somebody who sells bargain holiday deals.

I suppose my whole frustration with the amount that I was being charged in conjunction with my mobile phone usage came about after I returned from Lanzarote last year. I had spent a fortnight in the Playa Blanca area of the Island. During the vacation I sent just four text messages and made three small phone calls to my family back home in the UK.

When the monthly mobile telephone bill arrived, three weeks after our return to the UK, I could not believe the amount they had charged me. I could not undertand it, I thought it just had to be an error. Below was the reply that I received from one of the customer services workers:
“These are our rates when phoning and texting from abroad”.
I then decided to start searching on the net for a company that could offer me a better deal. I went onto Google and after making a few searches I was able to obtain a much cheaper rate.

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